Month: July 2019

The Circular Economy Team July 17, 2019

A positive transition to circularity for work and workers. Circular economy provides wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries. Jobs enhance this wellbeing by contributing to thriving societies and the equal distribution of wealth. The Jobs & Skills Programme defines and identifies circular jobs, analyses the environment needed to create them and maximise their societal benefits, and examines how best technology can play a positive part.

The Circular Economy Team July 7, 2019

Abstract Understanding how a circular economy (CE) can reduce environmental pressures from economic activities is crucial for policy and practice. Science provides a range of indicators to monitor and assess CE activities. However, common CE activities, such as recycling and eco‐design, are contested in terms of their contribution to environmental sustainability. This article assesses whether and to what extent current approaches to assess CE activities sufficiently capture environmental pressures to monitor progress toward environmental sustainability. Based on a material flow perspective, we show that most indicators do not capture environmental pressures related to the CE activities they address. Many focus on a single CE activity or process, which does not necessarily contribute to increased environmental sustainability overall. Based on these results, we suggest complementing CE management indicators with indicators capturing basic environmental pressures related to the respective CE activity. Given the conceptual linkage between CE activities, resource extraction, and waste flows, we suggest that a resource‐based footprint approach accounting for major environmental inputs and outputs is necessary—while not sufficient—to assess the environmental sustainability of CE activities. As footprint approaches can be used across scales, they could aid the challenging process of developing indicators for monitoring progress toward an environmentally…

The Circular Economy Team July 1, 2019

The computer science, robotics and engineering classroom is one of three classrooms made from recycled shipping containers in the new Beck Family Research Center on the Maclay School campus Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Tori Schneider/Tallahassee Democrat Maclay School’s push to enhance student research opportunities in a sustainable, eco-friendly way made its debut Wednesday with the unveiling of the new Beck Family Research Center.

The Circular Economy Team July 1, 2019

The Bahamas: hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about this legendary tourist destination and mecca for cruise worshipers. Vikneswaran (Vik) Nair, Dean of Graduate Studies & Research and Professor (Sustainable Tourism) at the University of The Bahamas, in this interview gives us a behind the scenes tour around the archipelago: the sustainability challenges, inspiring projects and trends impacting the popular tourist destination.