Sustainability and the Synthetic Biology Revolution

Synthetic biology has become a powerful tool to advance science, making processes more efficient, enabling completely new approaches to biology, and helping scientists find the right answers, faster.

These capabilities are having a ripple effect. They help researchers pursue avenues that had not been economically feasible or, in some cases, scientifically possible.

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Tanzania : Country Environmental Analysis – Environmental Trends and Threats, and Pathways to Improved Sustainability

Tanzania’s wealth per capita has declined because its rapid population growth has outpaced investment. This decline in wealth is almost entirely accounted for by its “renewable natural capital” loss, consisting of the country’s agricultural land, cropland, forests, forest products, and protected areas. The country’s human capital per capita is stable while its physical capital per capita has risen by 13 percent. Yet its degrading natural capital base clearly illustrates the magnitude of its sustainability problem

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Bridgestone EMIA Delivers Sustainable Innovation Through Original Equipment Business in 2020 | Automotive World

Bridgestone EMIA’s Original Equipment (OE) business achieved new successes in 2020, as the organisation continued to deliver on its standing as a sustainable solutions company.

As a valued and trusted partner of the world’s leading car manufacturers, Bridgestone has continuously grown its OE business in recent years thanks to its strengths in innovation, agility and expertise. With a commitment to always going the extra mile, Bridgestone EMIA’s OE business has provided over 80 new original equipment fitments to 13 car manufacturers, including Mercedes, BMW and Audi, across more than 30 different vehicle models in 2020.

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Building a sustainable future – water management in residential complexes – Brigade Group

Perhaps the most significant concern looming over us in this day and age is water management. It is an essential resource for human beings, yet we fail to use it judiciously. With each advancing year, water is getting progressively scarce in many parts of the world. Hence, it is our moral obligation and duty to improve water management in our everyday lives to guarantee that we can keep on preserving water for a long time into the future.

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Sustainability Impact & Operations | Sustainability & CSR | About SE

SAP acts as both an enabler and an exemplar
To create positive economic, social, and environmental impact within planetary boundaries, we act as both an enabler and an exemplar.
As an enabler, we provide products and services that meet the purpose and sustainability challenges and opportunities of our customers. We are also an exemplar, leading by example in our own sustainable business operations and practices.

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Multi capital scoring: how to measure what matters in the circular economy –

As circular economy thinking takes hold among policy makers, civil servants and scientists, policy is tending towards circular as a strategy to reach environmental objectives. Hopes are that production systems will continue to deliver and indeed grow economically, but with far less material and fossil energy intensity. This article explains why that might not be so easy and offers a way forward.

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Chipotle’s New Sustainability Feature Tracks Your “Foodprint”

In an industry first, Chipotle has launched a new sustainability impact tracker. Dubbed “Real Foodprint”, the digital tool, which is built into the Chipotle app, offers insights into the full impact of your order. 

Using data sourced from research partner HowGood, Real Foodprint allows customers to see the environmental impact of their order based on five metrics: carbon, water saved, improved soil health, organic land supported, and antibiotics avoided.

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Alternative Models for Artist Sustainability in a COVID Economy and Beyond

When the pandemic forced the closure of galleries, museums, and cultural venues, many artists were left with canceled contracts and no prospect of income for the foreseeable future. This sudden shift prompted many to reconsider their relationships with institutions that supposedly shared their same interests. In Creative Capital’s recent online conversation on the impact of the pandemic on the creative economy, Amy Smith moderated a discussion between Daniel Park, Caroline Woolard, and Kristina Wong. All four are thinking about other ways of working in solidarity and community, and maintaining financial stability and wellness as artists.

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Cottagecore: how to embrace this stylish, sustainable trend

It’s the birthright of every generation to rebel against its forebears. So how can young people today define themselves as different from their phone-obsessed, digital-native parents? By donning Little House on the Prairie dresses, baking pies and cavorting with fairies. The cottagecore aesthetic has become popular with Gen Z, but what many don’t realize is how this trend actually finds its roots in sustainability.

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South Australia’s single-use plastics ban to start in March after coronavirus delay – ABC News

South Australia will push ahead with a ban on some single-use plastics including straws and cutlery, after the implementation was put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Key points:
Most single-use plastic products will be banned from March 1
There will be exemptions for people with a disability who need them
There will be an education campaign for businesses and the public
Legislation banning the sale, supply and distribution of the products was introduced in April this year and passed State Parliament in September.

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Sustainability Through Innovation in UAE’s Oil and Gas Industry

In this month’s cover story, learn more about how the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) became one of the largest oil and gas players in the UAE. With a vision to be an innovative energy partner with a foundation on sustainability, ENOC succeeded in its ambitious plan to start dominating in the market. Now, in this exclusive interview with ENOC Group’s CEO, His Excellency Saif Humaid Al Falasi, learn more about the company’s history, ambitions and its current performance as he shares the company’s operations in the Middle East, its recent product innovations, engineering and technology to meet the demands in line with projections for EXPO 2020.

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Sustainable nutrition

The world’s population is estimated to reach 10 billion by 2050. Providing everyone with a nutritious diet and protecting the planet requires a global response.  If it was easy to change the way we eat, malnutrition in all its forms — undernutrition, overnutrition and micronutrient deficiency — could have been eliminated long ago. Everyone would have access to affordable food and choose to eat the quantity and variety that keeps them in optimal health.

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Black Friday 2020: Are Consumers Moving Away from Sustainability?

According to Adobe Analytics data, last year the event was so popular that US shoppers spent a record $28.49 billion online, an increase of 17.7% compared to 2018’s takings.

And what’s perhaps even more encouraging for online retailers in 2020 is the estimated $75bn in total sales for Alibaba from this year’s Singles Day (the huge shopping holiday in China that takes place on November 11). That figure is double that of last year, providing hope that this Black Friday could be the best ever.

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During the recent CES 2018 in Tempe, a group of about twenty researchers met to discuss our shared interests in using cultural evolutionary approaches to sustainability. Our group, composed of academics, consultants and non-academic researchers is seeking to create an official Sustainability Working Group of the CES.

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Sustainable food leader Huhtamaki uses IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and Cloud Object Storage for their robust hybrid cloud storage data protection

If you’ve had coffee to go, there’s a good chance Huhtamaki made the cup. As a global manufacturer of sustainable food-on-the-go and food-on-the shelf packaging solutions, Huhtamaki’s innovative products help billions of consumers around the world make responsible lifestyle choices every day.

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