More than a single moment in time: Virgin Media’s approach to sustainability reporting

Virgin Media has today (25 May) launched its latest sustainability report, detailing efforts towards a new net-zero target. The company’s head of sustainability Katie Buchanan outlines how the standalone report is evolving into an interactive extravaganza. The company’s latest sustainability report outlines key progress to decarbonise and achieve zero waste. Virgin Media is widely regarded as an innovator in the world of sustainability reporting, having shifted to a digital-only format in 2010 and subsequently launched the world’s first 360 sustainability video. 2017 saw the firm publish a string of GIFs, infographics and social media posts in lieu of a hefty PDF and, in 2018, the report was football-themed in a drive to boost engagement against the backdrop of the FIFA World Cup. But with a net-zero target to work towards as part of a new ‘Meaningful Connections Plan’ the company is looking to engage its workforce and key stakeholders on the journey ahead.

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