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Why Linen is the Ultimate Sustainable Textile 

As summer rolls around, people start to incorporate more linen pieces into their outfits. This feels like a great opportunity to talk about how awesome linen is and why you should be opting for it more! Linen is the oldest textile around, so it’s not surprising that it’s also one of the more sustainable textiles available today. The fabric is made from the flax plant (yes, like the seed) and has a rich and interesting history.  Flax isn’t just what we sprinkle on top of our oatmeal, it’s also one of the first plant fibers used by humans. The plant stalks have been fermented, dried, crushed, and beaten into a fiber for thousands and thousands of years. Although we have a plethora of great textile options today, the invention and widespread use of linen throughout history was an incredibly big step in humanity’s development. 

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