Burt’s Bees announces vision for a circular economy

, Burt’s Bees announces vision for a circular economy, TheCircularEconomy.comToday, the Clorox-owned personal care brand announced plans to be Net-Zero-Plastic-to-Nature by 2021 and shared updates on packaging improvements, new product launches, waste elimination initiatives, and smart partnerships—all part of the Burt’s Bees plan for circularity.

“The challenges of the pandemic have only heightened the importance of protecting nature as a resource, for the health of people and all life on Earth,” ​Burt’s Bees Senior Director of Sustainability Paula Alexander, points out in today’s media release about the personal care brand’s latest sustainability goals.

“That’s why we’ve chosen to focus on systemic changes across our supply chain while working toward a circular economy—to enable a more connected and stable relationship between people and nature,” ​she says.

The brand is using Plastic Waste Reduction Standards established by the non-profit climate action and sustainable development organization Verra​ as well as those outlined by The 3R Initiative​ (in partnership with EA, South Pole and Quantis).

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