Countdown to Dark Matter Day with CERN

, Countdown to Dark Matter Day with CERN, TheCircularEconomy.comOn and around 31 October, CERN and other laboratories around the world will celebrate the global hunt for the universe’s missing matter – the dark matter that is thought to make up most of the matter in space.  Simulation of the dark-matter distribution in the universe.  Experiments worldwide are searching for this unseen matter using many different tools, such as telescopes in space and on the ground, particle beams and deep underground detectors.  CERN is home to several experiments that seek out the particles that may make up dark matter. These include experiments based at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), such as ATLAS and CMS, which have broken new ground in the search for dark-matter particles, and non-LHC experiments such as CAST and NA64, which too have added new knowledge about the properties of these hypothetical particles.

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