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, EDA2022, TheCircularEconomy.com“Milk and Dairy – Essential for your Life” This is more than the title of our Annual Convention; this is the simple and basic truth and it is our mission to make this truth resonate in Europe. Our Annual Convention is set to be the high-level platform for the dairy industry in Europe and beyond to see where we stand today and how to position ourselves in the future. Next to our internal meetings, our Annual Conference will be axed on two sessions: an European focus on our future dairy systems and a session with an international focus – after all, our European dairy excellence is recognized all over the world.  In these times of unprecedented challenges and threats, we, the European dairy industry, we want to be at the forefront of the political debates for our sector: A heartfelt ‘muchas gracias’ to our friends from our Spanish member Federación Nacional de Industrias Lácteas (FeNIL) for hosting our Annual Convention in the wonderful capital of Spain.  We are grateful to our members and friends, that have made our EDA congress in the past THE platform of high level exchange and in-depth debate on milk and dairy in Europe and beyond – and we trust we can build in Madrid the bridge for the future.  The motto of this edition, “Milk and Dairy: Essential for your Life!”, speaks to the importance of the products that our sector makes to consumers, all the while using the highest quality standards set by the European Union. In these times of uncertainty, it is important to recall how essential our products are from a nutritional point of view, but also to remind ourselves of the contribution that the dairy sector makes towards rural development, environmental sustainability and the generation of wealth and employment. We will discuss these and other topics with a wide range of experts, public representatives from different institutions and stakeholders, and we look forward to your attendance.  The EDA Annual Convention 2022 will take place at the Hotel RIU Plaza de España, located in the heart of Madrid, next to Gran Vía, and inside the historic Edificio España, which is one of the outstanding architectural landmarks in the city.
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, EDA2022, TheCircularEconomy.com

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