, Hahn Family – Vineyards – Sustainability, TheCircularEconomy.com

Hahn Family – Vineyards – Sustainability

, Hahn Family – Vineyards – Sustainability, TheCircularEconomy.com

Sustainable winegrowing is not just something we do. It’s something we live and breathe. Hahn Family Wines was one of the first wineries in the region to have all its estate vineyards certified under the rigorous Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Program.  SIP is a strict third-party program that sets the gold standard for sustainable certification. It challenges growers and wine producers to constantly review and improve practices impacting the land, its people and future generations. We are proud to have earned the SIP seal, and to offer you wines crafted with the strictest conscientious quality.  Sustainable farming is about taking the long view – making decisions that not only enhance the health of the vineyard now but will benefit generations to come. Being SIP Certified shows our dedication to the 3 P’s of Sustainability – People, Planet, Prosperity. We are committed to the ‘3 P’ approach with our measurable set of practices.

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