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How the Philadelphia Flower Show Funds Sustainability

, How the Philadelphia Flower Show Funds Sustainability, TheCircularEconomy.comFor more than 190 years, the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show has delighted attendees with a nine-day celebration of all things floral and gardening. Year after year, this event brings joy to hundreds of thousands of people each winter as they anticipate the newness of spring.  But the Flower Show is more than just a singular event — it serves as the main fundraiser for PHS’s year-round efforts to put trees, gardens, and gardeners to work to help build strong social connections, as well as provide access to fresh food, healthy living environments, and jobs and business opportunities across the Greater Philadelphia region. When you buy a Flower Show ticket, you directly contribute to making a greener, healthier, and more sustainable region that improves health and well-being for everyone. 

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