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, How to Train the Next Generation of Talent | Sustainable Sourcing, TheCircularEconomy.comAs procurement gains global importance, re-skilling and upskilling will make all the difference

Procurement is “in” again. With the Suez Canal blockage, global semiconductor shortages, and new coronavirus outbreaks in Asian ports, executives around the world have realised that it’s integral to their bottom line. But in 2021, procurement requires a different set of skills—and this transition, according to The Hackett Group, will require unprecedented levels of re-skilling by 2022. 

Furthermore, brand-new procurement professionals are entering the field post-pandemic. As the Hackett Group noted: “Executives must be prepared to manage the significant implications for talent or they risk losing some of the potential value of increasingly digital operations – up to $82M for world-class organizations”. 

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