, Hunan Valin LY Steel Group Co., Ltd. Sustainability, TheCircularEconomy.com

Hunan Valin LY Steel Group Co., Ltd. Sustainability

, Hunan Valin LY Steel Group Co., Ltd. Sustainability, TheCircularEconomy.comHunan Valin LY Steel Group Co., Ltd. (“LY Steel”) is an important production base for fine steel products in Central and Southern China, a backbone enterprise of Valin Group – one of China’s top ten steel companies, and a provincially administered super large state-owned enterprise in Hunan. LY Steel was established and put into production in 1958. After 57 years of development, it currently has an annual steel production capacity of 8 million tons, and possesses a production line covering the entire process from coking, sintering, steelmaking to steel rolling. It mainly produces thin hot-rolled and cold-rolled coils featuring high strength, high technology content and high added value. The “Shuangling” brand has been shortlisted as “China’s Top Ten Publicly Recognized Brands”, and recognized as a “China Famous Trademark” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.  This project covered energy plant,steel plant , circulating water system in steel rolling milland of LY Steel, involving a total of  100 high-efficiency water pumps. After transformation, water pumps operated well and the power-saving effect was obvious.

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