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Pioneering Sustainable Design – Norway’s Eco School

, Pioneering Sustainable Design – Norway’s Eco School, TheCircularEconomy.comSituated in a rural forest, the new Torvbråten primary school has become Norway’s second school to achieve the highly-regarded Nordic Swan Eco-label. This accreditation is a voluntary license system demonstrating environmental excellence, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1989.

With a gross area of 6,700m², the school caters to 470 students and 46 permanent employees and consists of two wings and a multi-purpose hall. Large-scale glass windows create a flow of daylight inside and foster an important connection with the surrounding natural landscape forest, which provides a natural home for an array of outdoor activities, including a mountain bike track and a light trail for skiing and walking to benefit the pupils as well as the local community. 

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