, Sustainability Benefits: A Corporate Perspective, TheCircularEconomy.com

Sustainability Benefits: A Corporate Perspective

, Sustainability Benefits: A Corporate Perspective, TheCircularEconomy.comSustainability… It’s the topic of the decade, maybe even the century! We hear about it in all of our personal and social environments, and it seems to be aggressively penetrating every aspect of business and finance. But are Sustainability and ESG really here to stay? Is this a full paradigm shift, or just another passing trend? For businesses, is it just another regulatory challenge, or is it a true opportunity? How business leaders decide to answer this question will have huge impact on their company’s market position and longevity.

Hopefully you are reading between the lines here and see that the answer to these questions is quite obvious. True North has shifted. There is a valuable opportunity to capture here, and if businesses don’t adjust their bearings, they will become lost and left behind. Even if businesses are not convinced about sustainability, basic business management fundamentals make a strong case for integrating ESG and Sustainability into business models across all sectors.

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