, Thriving Nature – Forever Chocolate program, TheCircularEconomy.com

Thriving Nature – Forever Chocolate program

, Thriving Nature – Forever Chocolate program, TheCircularEconomy.com

To become carbon positive by 2025, we need to understand exactly how much carbon we have to reduce or offset. This also enables us to pass on our achievements to our customers by supporting them to calculate how much carbon they can save by sourcing our cocoa and chocolate.  We are looking at the carbon footprint created by our own operations (scope 1), the carbon footprint generated by the energy we use (scope 2), as well as the carbon footprint of our entire supply chain (scope 3) which also includes the production and processing of all our sourced raw materials and related land use changes (LUC).  Due to our combined carbon reduction efforts, our corporate CO2 equivalent (CO2e) footprint decreased from 9.10 million tonnes to 8.49 million tonnes in fiscal year 2018/19. This represents a reduction of –6.7%, despite an increase in production.

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