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What’s going on for Earth Month

, What’s going on for Earth Month, TheCircularEconomy.comHappy Earth Month! This April, MEC and our partners are celebrating with creative initiatives you can get in on. Find out how to join the Climb for Climate challenge, pick up a free sapling, upcycle your unwanted socks and take action for our favourite planet.  Join the Climb for Climate challenge.  Get outside to give back. The challenge? Log as many vertical metres as possible from now until April 30. For every 20m of vertical you climb, MEC will donate $1 to Protect Our Winters Canada. Our goal is 500,000 metres of vertical overall, which would equal 56 Everests and a giant $25,000 donation. Rack up the metres of elevation however you like – run, bike, ski, climb, hike, you name it.  It’s free to sign up, you get a 1-month FATMAP Explore voucher, and yep, we’ll have prizes!

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