The Circular Economy Team October 13, 2019

LinkedIn Twitter In the next ten years, CFOs who have historically been responsible for making financing and investment decisions based on ROI and NPV, will be under increasing pressure to deliver valuation that incorporates the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that shape…

The Circular Economy Team October 13, 2019

A change is coming to Norwegian Cruise Line: It’s doing away with single-use plastic bottles on its ships. Norwegian announced Wednesday it is partnering with JUST Goods Inc. (founded by rapper, actor and activist Jaden Smith and his family) to eliminate plastic bottles on it cruise ships by Jan. 1 and replace them with JUST’s paper cartons. The company estimates it will save more than six million single-use plastic bottles each year.

The Circular Economy Team October 12, 2019

Last year, the Circular Economy Transition (CET) launched the first Circular Economy Incubator with the aim of supporting early-stage startups that are dedicated to developing solutions based on circular activities such as resell, reuse, repair, and refurbish. Through a three months incubation program, startups have the opportunity to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and validate their business model supported by one-to-one mentoring sessions with experienced coaches, workshops, networking sessions, and access to the Swiss circular startup ecosystem and a pool of experts within the field of Circular Economy.

The Circular Economy Team October 4, 2019

Urban sustainability may be a hot topic, but is there a direct material benefit for cities that make an extra effort? Researchers at the University of Amsterdam Business School say there is. The international business scholars note that air quality improvement measures and good waste water treatment practices appear to make cities more attractive destinations when it comes to foreign direct investment.

The Circular Economy Team October 4, 2019

Here on RioOnWatch we regularly report on land rights struggles in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. With this focus in mind, on occasion we may publish articles such as this one, highlighting broader land rights conflicts across Brazil, and even the world. In the early morning hours of Saturday, April 6, residents of Acará, a municipality outside of Belém, capital of Brazil’s Northern state of Pará in the Amazon region, awoke to the distressing news that a transport ferry had crashed into the support pillars of a major bridge in the area, causing it to fall into the Moju River.

The Circular Economy Team October 3, 2019

With an unmanageable surplus of clothing garments being produced each year, estimates show the value of unused clothing to be around 30 billion pounds, not including the 140 million pounds worth of clothes that end up in landfill. According to Impossible, a group aiming to guide global issues like sustainability, the zest for shopping will continue to rise, fuelled by our obsession for newness and fast fashion.

The Circular Economy Team October 2, 2019

The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 provided Susan Mizrahi, head of corporate responsibility at Australia Post, with an opportunity to refocus corporate responsibility to tie with expected national strategies for the implementation of the goals. While the national strategy has not taken off yet, it has not stopped Australia Post progressing with its objectives of using the SDGs as a framework for doing business.