2 thoughts on “Global reserves of lithium are limited — Why aren’t we recycling?

    1. Thank you, Evon. Much appreciated.

      The circular economy is definitely here to stay.

      It is amazing to me that only at this late date are we as a society coming around to the realization that making products that ultimately are just to be tossed must end.

      When the idea of “It’s all possible!” (creating products to be reused, not single-use, not “recycled”, but reuse) really hit me was seeing Elon Musk’s company landing a massive booster rocket on a barge.

      I thought, “God, if, for the first time in 60+ years someone finally created something as technologically advanced as a booster rocket that can be reused (not left to simply fall into the ocean), then creating just about anything for long term use and ultimate reuse is possible!”

      I checked out your site and your LED products look most excellent and created a post about your company with a link.

      Keep up the great work and best of luck to you.


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