, Why don’t the Swiss recycle more plastic?, TheCircularEconomy.com

Why don’t the Swiss recycle more plastic?

, Why don’t the Swiss recycle more plastic?, TheCircularEconomy.comMost plastics carry a recycling label, but few are convenient to recycle in Switzerland. For 30 days, swissinfo.ch journalist Susan Misicka saved all of her plastic garbage. She filled four shopping bags, but found that not even half of the waste could be recycled. Is it as bad as it sounds? Currently, the Swiss collect 80,000 tonnes of plastic for recycling – mainly PET drink bottles, plus milk, shampoo, detergent and other high-quality bottles. In theory, Switzerland could recycle an additional 112,000 tonnes of plastic per year. Put another way, everyone in Switzerland could collect and recycle another 14kg of plastic per year. But there is no federal system and few processing plants for recycling plastic in Switzerland.
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